We are based in Shanghai/Beijing/Guangzhou.

Our headquarter is in First Floor, No.3, 96 Wuyuan Road, Shanghai (上海市五原路96弄3号一楼) Close to Metro  Line 1 and 7, Changshulu Station.  Line 10 Shanghai Library Station.

Here is a map for searching our neighborhood. 这里


We provide co-working space, coffee and  reading corner in our StoryPark. The space is suitable for events under 20 participants. Make an appointment to visit or renting the space, please contact   webmaster(at)china30s.com

We also set up visits or meetings with the most energetic and creative Chinese talents in cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to provide you the most insightful perspectives to know the real China.

Public Wechat Account : china30s.

Sina Weibo@中国三明治

Any other inquires please contact webmaster(at)china30s.com


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